NY Grand Jury Wraps Up With No Charges Against Trump

Despite claims of certainty from prosecutors that President Trump has committed felony-level crimes in New York, the grand jury is wrapping up, and it doesn’t look like any charges will be brought forward. 

The New York Times reported, that Donald J. Trump, was facing potential criminal charges from the grand jury this year over his business practices. But in the weeks since the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg, stopped presenting evidence to the jurors about Mr. Trump, new signs have emerged that the former president will not be indicted in Manhattan in the foreseeable future — if at all.

Bragg alleged that Trump had manipulated the value of some property assets to secure tax advantages and more favorable loans.

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Eventually, the office stopped contacting witnesses integral to their case and did not even ask some to testify at all as their case seemingly fell apart. Bragg’s shift in focus away from a Trump indictment even caused prominent prosecutors to outright resign claiming certainty that he had committed crimes.

The 6-month long grand jury is set to expire this week with no charges against the 45th President, though an investigation into his practices will reportedly continue. 

Trump has walked away from yet another seemingly manufactured and baseless accusation, and is safe for now, until the next nothing-burger presents itself. 

Twitter using left-wing conspiracy theorists seemed so sure that this was it – their fantasy would be fulfilled – the guy who disagrees with them politically would be behind bars at long last. Not so shockingly, that dream will have to wait once again. 

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