New York And California To Lose Congressional Seats

In 2022 New York will lose a congressional seat. It seems as though this lack of representation will be a result of the states lack of sound leadership. 

The count came up 89 people short to maintain their current number of seats. The 

New York Times reported: 

“The state was simply M.I.A.,” said Julie Menin, who served as the census director for New York City. “The governor and the state simply did not want to prioritize the census.”

Ms. Menin said she believed that the personal animus between Mr. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio was a driving factor in the state’s approach to the census, adding that she was “100 percent” sure that an additional 89 people would have been counted had there been greater state involvement. “It’s unconscionable,” she said.”

California will also lose a house seat for the first time in 170 years according to the times. 

California remains the most inhabited state, but their inhabitants has fallen short in order to maintain their current number of representatives. 


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