Leaked Video Shows Illegal Immigrants Landing On Secret Flight In NY

A recent video revealed dozens of illegal immigrants landing at a Westchester airport on a secret charter flight in the middle of the night.

Fo months, the federal government has been transporting illegal immigrants away from the border, taking them on buses and putting them on flight across the country.

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The footage was obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request by former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.

In the video from August 13, 2021, Westchester Police Sgt. Michael Hamborsky can be heard talking to a contractor employed to transport migrants. They were on the tarmac of the county airport as people were seen boarding American Dream charter buses.

“You’re on a secure facility here; we really don’t know anything and we’re in charge of security,” Hamborsky says. “This is anti all our security stuff”.

It was revealed that the iAero flights were flying underage migrants from Texas to to New York for resettlement. The flights stopped after the New York Post exposed them in October.

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The White House commented that the flights only carried children and teenagers, while the US Department of Health and Human Services said “It is our legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until they can be swiftly unified with a parent or a vetted sponsor”.

In the video, Hamborsky asks to see the ID of the contractors. They explain that they’re allowed to show state ID, “but work IDs we’re not allowed to”. “We’re not allowed to have our picture taken when we get on base,” one of the contractors says.

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“Un-f**king-believable,” Hamborsky says. “And who’s that by? DHS?” “Yes, and the United States Army,” the contractor replies. “You’re on a federal installation but DHS wants everything on the down low,” they add.

Hamborsky asks the contractors about the secrecy as he tries to understand what’s going on. One contractor says “You know why. Because if this gets out, the government is betraying the American people”.

While speaking to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Astorino said the video shows a “complete breakdown of our system”.

“Now they keep saying ‘it’s just unaccompanied kids.’ Completely a lie. And that these kids were not going to go into our own area. Completely a lie. [They’re being put] into schools in Westchester, Long Island, the surrounding suburbs. So it is a complete breakdown of our system. It is a betrayal, as that gentleman said, a betrayal to the American people,” he explained.

“Our government is completely out of control right now. They have lied to us. They’ve lied to the American people,” Astorino said Wednesday.


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