Immigrant Czar Doesn’t Do Her Job

NEW YORK - APRIL 5, 2019: Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris speaks during the National Action Network Convention on April 5, 2019, in New York.; Shutterstock ID 1364513027; Purchase Order: FIX0007020 ; Project: year in review; Client/Licensee: encyclopedia britannica

According to Breitbart, Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, went down to the new and overcrowded migrant processing facility in Donna, Texas on May 7.

Vice President Kamala Harris was appointed by President Joe Biden to oversee the immigration crisis and has yet to go to the southern border.

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Harris also went over 40 days without answering any questions about the surge or touring the migrant facilities.

As Mayorkas went to Texas, Harris held a panel discussion about India’s COVID-19 crisis.

Harris later tweeted she will meet with the President of Mexico on June 8 to discuss the “root causes of migration, spur economic development, and expand security cooperation.”

On April 14, she was asked if she would visit, Harris said it wasn’t her job.

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Harris said, “We must address the symptoms, and that is what is happening with the team of folks who are working on the border, led by Ali Mayorkas. But we also have to deal with the root causes. Otherwise, we are just in a perpetual system of only dealing with the symptoms.”


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