Molotov’s And Chemicals Violence Towards The Police In NYC Ramps Up

Police in New York City have been under a barrage of attacks as of late. 

Fox News reported: “A motorist hurled a Molotov cocktail at New York City police officers Saturday morning and doused another in the face with a liquid chemical during separate incidents, authorities said.”

The NYPD allegedly told Fox that an officer pulled over a vehicle and asked the driver for his license and registration, he said he did not have it. 

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The man then opened his car door and splashed an unknown chemical in the officers face. 

The officer retreated to his squad car. 

A description of the man, and his vehicle were released. When officers stopped him later in the day, he lit a Molotov cocktail and hurled it at the police vehicle. 

A Molotov cocktail is a weapon. Typically a class bottle filled with a highly flammable substance with a rag functioning as a cork. The rag is lit and when the bottle breaks, it initiated a fiery explosion. 

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The man did not just have one Molotov cocktail however, after he was arrested officers found more of the deadly molotov’s 

“This is the violent behavior that their anti-police rhetoric has inspired,” Patrick Lynch, the head of the Police Benevolent Association claimed. “Until politicians stop encouraging hatred and violence towards police officers, we must be prepared to face such attacks AT ALL TIMES, both on and off duty.”

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Most recently Maxine Waters, a democrat from California was encouraging Minnesota protestors to “be more confrontational” Waters, was inciting violence. 

Lynch could not be any more correct. This rhetoric leads to a bad situation for both officers and suspects.  


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