Rittenhouse Hints At Suing The Media

After being acquitted of all charges against him, 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse may have a case for defamation lawsuits against those that spread lies about him.

During an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Rittenhouse was asked about holding people accountable and said “I have really good lawyers who are taking care of that right now”.

“I’m hoping one day there will be some… there’ll be accountability for their actions that they did,” he continued.

Before, during, and after the trial, various media sources continued to spread lies about Rittenhouse and the events that took place last year.

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross called Rittenhouse “this little murderous white supremacist,” after the trial had ended. Another MSNBC host, Joe Scarborough, falsely reported that Rittenhouse fired his weapon 60 times, even though it was proven to be eight times.

Joy Reid added to the lies by claiming Rittenhouse drove four hours with an AR-15, despite him testifying that he acquired the weapon at a friend’s house in Kenosha.

Earlier in November, CNN’s Don Lemon hosted a segment where he repeatedly mischaracterized the case and spoke of white supremacy and white nationalism.

ABC News also called Rittenhouse an “alleged white supremacist,” despite Rittenhouse having no proven ties.

In September of 2020, Facebook labeled the issue as a “mass murder”, even though Rittenhouse had not been convicted of anything. Beyond the media, notable politicians participated in defaming Rittenhouse.

A day after the shootings, Rep. Ayanna Pressley tweeted “A 17 year old white supremacist domestic terrorist drove across state lines, armed with an AR15. He shot and killed two people who had assembled to affirm the value, dignity, and worth of Black lives. Fix your damn headlines”.

Around the same time, Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted “A domestic terrorist executed two people, and according to Tucker and his supporters this is ‘maintaining order’. Their murderous rants have inspired many mass shooters and now they aren’t even trying to distance themselves from it, they are excusing it. God help us”.

Rep. Cori Bush joined the other “Squad” members on Twitter, saying “The white supremacist murderer is ‘just a kid’, but the victims who were standing up for Black lives are ‘rioters’, ‘looters’, and ‘arsonists’. That’s how much this injustice system values Black lives. That’s how deeply rooted white supremacy is in our society”.

President Biden, without evidence, called Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” last September. Breitbart news reported that “Biden could face a civil defamation suit from newly-acquitted Rittenhouse”.

Former Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann said “I think he should sue the media, but it’s really a personal call that’s up to him”.

Sandmann is still working through his own defamation lawsuits from the March for Life that took place almost three years ago. “To deal with this overload of stress where you feel like half of the country, hundreds of millions of people, hate you for something you were innocent of […] can do a lot to you mentally,” he told Sean Hannity.

“Now Kyle Rittenhouse should sue them all — starting with Joe Biden,” Hannity said. “Hold them all accountable for their lies and make them pay and follow the law”. “They are liars and con artists and Democratic operatives. Kyle Rittenhouse and Americans everywhere, we deserve better,” he added.