Jen Psaki To Host New Show On MSNBC

This spring White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki will reportedly depart for her new job at MSNBC where she will host her own show on the peacock streaming service. 

Psaki nor the White House have confirmed the story, but NPR has using a source with direct knowledge. 

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“I have nothing to confirm about my length of public service or planned service, or anything about consideration about next plans,” Psaki said. “And my focus every day continues to be speaking on behalf of the president, answering your questions, as tough as they may be at many times, as difficult as they may be to answer at many times. And I hope that I meet my own bar of treating everybody with fairness and being equitable.”

The White House similarly, did not have much to say. “We don’t have anything to confirm about Jen’s length of planned service or any consideration about future plans,” said a White House official “Jen is here and working hard every day on behalf of the President to get you the answers to the questions that you have, and that’s where her focus is.”

The idea of Psaki leaving the White House is not a revelation. Psaki announced last year that she didn’t plan on remaining as the Press Secretary for more than a year. Though before, she said that she had planned to be with her family more, rather than jump directly into another speaking job. 

Psaki actually remained in her position longer than the one year which was initially the expected duration of her time as the voice of the White House. 

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Some outlets have criticized Psaki for claiming that cable television is dying, but then jumping into a job with a company that largely deals in cable television albeit her show specifically will be on the peacock streaming service. 


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