Murderer Of First Female NYPD Officer Released On Parole

The man who murdered the first female NYPD officer has been released on parole.

Darryl Jeter inflicted two fatal gunshot wounds to the head of Irma Lozada who at the time, was only 25 years old. The officer and her partner had chased the crook down after he stole the straphanger’s chain on a subway like in Brooklyn. 

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By time she had caught up, Lozada had been separated from her partner. It was hours later that her body was finally discovered among the overgrowth and garbage of an empty lot. 

Jeter was ultimately sentenced to 32 years to life years in prison for second-degree murder. Unfortunately, his sentence came prior to legislation that made life without the possibility of parole the lead sentence for anyone who murders a cop. 

His release has sparked outrage as he has a history of violent crime while on parole. In fact, Jeter was on parole for robbery when Lozada was slain. New York’s largest police union has dubbed his release “a blow to every cop”. 

The President of the PBA (Police Benevolent Association) Patrick Lynch described her sacrifice as a “testament” to the bravery of every NYPD officer. 

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“The release of her killer is a blow to every cop who puts her life on the line to stop criminals from preying on innocent New Yorkers. We continue to urge Governor (Kathy) Hochul and the State Legislature to fix our broken parole system before another hero’s sacrifice is dishonored,” He said. 


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