Survey Shows Over Half Of Americans Believe Social Media divides

Is social media dividing America more than unifying it? If so, why might this be? The internet has undoubtedly become one of the most powerful informational tools out there. 

The Daily Caller reported: “In an NBC News poll conducted in April, 64% of Americans said that they believed that social media did more to divide the nation than to unify it. By contrast, only 27% of people surveyed said that social media unified Americans. The margin of error for the 1,000 adult respondents was +/-3.1 percentage points.”

Is this just simply the nature of social media? Is there more to this story? When the heads of these social media websites only show half of the bigger picture it’s no wonder that users become fed up. 

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The sitting President of the United States was banned from virtually all social media websites. Twitter censors stories that do not conform to their agenda, and ban users who lean to the right. They prevent their users from seeing the entire picture and from observing the other side. They limit discourse and manufacture this divide.

The perceived divide is likely a result of a gap in understanding.  One side is allowed to be very loud and vocal, while the other is muzzled. This increases already existing tensions.


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