Illinois School Pays Anti-Racism Speaker $175/minute

As the racism witch hunts continue, school districts continue convincing their white students that they are perpetuators of racism. 

Fox News reported: 

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“Newly released documents show that an Illinois school district agreed to pay an anti-racism speaker $10,500 for an hour-long event for faculty and staff earlier this year.

A whistleblower reportedly informed the  Federalist that diversity coach Dena Simmons told attendees at the Feb. 26 event that Americans were “spiritually murdering” students and that “our education is based on a foundation of whitness.” Materials obtained by the outlet showed a slide describing “Make America Great Again,” “denial of white privilege,” and “colorblindness” as covert forms of White supremacy.”

The average hourly pay for public speakers of the highest regard is typically around $53/hour. Not $10,500/hour. This comes out to around $175 per minute. 

The speaker has also been known to charge upward of $20,000 per hour. Surely this is not the most effective way for the school district to spend their money. Money that of course, originates from the taxes of people who live in the area. 

This is not the only time, or place this has occurred. Another Anti-racist speaker named Ibram Kendi received more than $40,000 from Fairfax county schools, and had given one single hour long lecture for $20,000. Fox News reported that school districts such as Loundoun county have spent more than $500,000 on race programs, more specifically critical race theory. 

Odd how the speakers are oppressed and silenced so relentlessly that they are able to be paid tens of thousands, for hours of their time. 

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