Federal Agents Raid Rudy Giuliani Apartment

On Wednesday agents of the federal government raided former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani’s apartment in Manhattan. 

The agents had a search warrant that allowed them to seize electronic communications devices. Agents arrived at 6 a.m and the doorman allowed them to enter after flashing the search warrant. 

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The warrant was in relation to Giuliani’s possible dealings with Ukraine and allegations that he helped leverage them in order to dig up dirt on Donald Trump’s political rivals. 

This continues after Donald Trump has already been acquitted in his senate trial relating to the matter.

After 100 days of a Biden presidency the government is still trying to drag Donald Trump and his associates through the mud. Two impeachment’s was not good enough. 

Democrats will not be satisfied until Donald Trump begs for mercy. Their obsession with the former President is odd in nature. 

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Countless probes and investigations, impeachment’s and trials have come up answerless, and with a lack of evidence. But the purge continues. 


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