Buttigieg Shocked After Charlamagne tha God Says Black People Not Happy With Dems

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg seemed shocked to find out black Americans aren’t happy with Democrats while speaking on The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne Tha God.

“You do realize Pete, a lot of black people feel like Democrats have kept no promises since they’ve been in office,” Charlamagne said Friday.

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“Really?” Buttigieg responded, seemingly surprised.

“Yes,” the host responded. “Reverend Al [Sharpton] said that a million times”.

“Look I get it, because the work is not done,” Buttigieg said. “But the reason I say ‘Really?’ is we just passed one of the biggest pieces of infrastructure legislation in American history”.

“It was a promise — and it wasn’t just a promise that the Biden-Harris administration made or that Democrats made in 2020 — this is a promise that every president and Congress has made in some way, shape, or form since I’ve been an adult. We actually did it,” he continued.

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“Those are big, broad things, and that’s great,” Charlamagne responded. “But I’m talking about things like things you campaigned on like the George Floyd Policing Act and the fact that our voting rights, man, like 19 states have implemented voter suppression bills”.

“The only strategy Democrats are gonna have is we have got to go out there and vote in mass numbers to fight it. That’s not a strategy, hope is not a strategy,” he added.

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“That work has to get done and it is not acceptable where we are right now,” Buttigieg agreed.

Later in the interview, Charlamagne said “It just feels like it takes Democrats so long to fix things, but Republicans f**k things up quick”. “They take bold steps to do whatever they want fast and furious but with Democrats, it’s, like, slow. Why? I don’t understand it”.

“It’s always quicker to break things than it is to fix them or build them, but we’re about building,” Buttigieg said. “And yeah, that takes time, and that makes us impatient and that can make us frustrated but that’s what we came here to do”.


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