Texas Democrat ARRESTED At DC Protest – Sheila Jackson Lee

Following the arrests of other House Democrats in the past few weeks, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was taken into custody Thursday.

Joyce Beatty of Ohio and Hank Johnson of Georgia are two Democrats that were arrested recently.

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Lee served as a Houston City Council member before being elected to Congress in 1995.

She shared a photo on Twitter showing her being escorted by police with zip ties around her wrists.

The protest occurred outside Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill and Lee was arrested by a Capitol police officer for participating in a civil disobedience.

There has been a lot of Democratic opposition to election laws around the country, with many claiming that Republicans are attempting to discourage minorities from voting. Republicans argue that these law proposals are to guarantee the integrity of elections and reduce voter fraud.

After being released from custody, Lee shared another post on Twitter, this time a video of her discussing her arrest and urging for voting rights bills to be passed.

Her use of the hashtag “good trouble” is a reference to a term used by the late John Lewis, who was a representative for the state of Georgia and a civil rights activist.

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