Former Trump Advisor: ‘He’s In’ For 2024 Race

For months, many have found themselves questioning whether Donald Trump would run for President once again, or if he would allow a younger face like Ron DeSantis to take his place. Has this question finally been answered? 

According to The Washington Examiner Trump’s former advisor and Press Secretary, Sean Spicer has some insight. 

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“He’s in” Spicer allegedly said in an interview with the Examiner regarding his upcoming book. Trump himself has dropped many hints, but also sent mixed messages.

From early June to late July, Trump allegedly told at least three people he had dined with that he plans to run in 2024, a former senior official at the Republican National Committee told Rolling Stone.

But, in late June, the former president didn’t seem to have his mind quite so made up. 

On June 30th, at the border in Weslaco, Trump asked Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick if he would be his campaign manager in 2024. 

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But then he remarked, “maybe we don’t have to. Maybe we won’t even have to.” 

This seemed like a strong indication that Ron DeSantis might be a suitable replacement in 2024 that Trump would approve of. 

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That same day he told Sean Hannity in an interview that he had made his mind up on whether or not he would run for President once more. 


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