NYT Writer Begs Biden Not To Run For Re-Election ‘Alarmingly Incoherent’

In a surprising turn if events, New York Times columnist Bret Stephens has encouraged Biden to step down after his first term and not run for re-election. 

The article was headlined “Biden Should Not Run Again — and He Should Say He Won’t”. Stephens referred to the President as “alarmingly incoherent,” and questioned whether or not it would be good for America if he had another term. 

“Is it a good idea for Joe Biden to run for reelection in 2024? And, if he runs again and wins, would it be good for the United States to have a president who is 86 — the age Biden would be at the end of a second term?” He wrote. 

The clear answer is no. The President at this time struggles to form full English sentences. He often falls asleep during major international events, and sometimes even forgets what state he is currently in. 

We can only assume that within the next 7 years Biden’s mental state will continue to decline and become increasingly worse as the years go on. 

Stephens noted that in the past, it was considered fair game to question Ronald Reagan’s mental state due to his age. Reagan was only in his 70s, making him younger than Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell and Anthony Fauci. 

He noted, that for some reason it is now seen as disrespectful to bring up the current presidents age.