Mike Pence REFUSES to Speak at CPAC 2021

Former Vice President, Mike Pence, confirmed he denied to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference by Matt Schlapp, American Conservative Union Chairman and organizer of CPAC, during an interview with USA Today.

Pence was one of the conference’s most popular speakers over the past few years.

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In the interview, Schlapp said he thought Pence made a mistake to not speak because “his conservative record is well respected, and conservatives want to hear his take on the current threats posed by socialism and this radicalized Democrat party.”

Fox News Sunday host, Chris Wallace, said on February 10, Pence still felt bitter towards former President Trump as he didn’t ask Pence if he was okay during the Capitol Building Riot.

Wallace said, “That weekend, some members of the Pence team called me up to make it clear — this is how angry the Pence team was — that Donald Trump never called Mike Pence when he was in the bunker inside the Capitol, to ask him if he was safe, to inquire about his safety, nor did he ever urge the people who were storming the Capitol to stand down and not to go after Mike Pence.”

Other members of the former Trump Administration to speak include Trump himself, Mike Pompeo, Ben Carson, and Richard Grenell.

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