Florida Swamped With Migrant Check-ins Amid Mass Release

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas says that one of the primary purposes of the Disinformation Governance Board is to combat misinformation from the cartel. Quite ironic considering that the federal government seems to be doing very little on the southern border. 

Florida is seeing incredibly long lines of migrants standing in the heat waiting to check in with ICE officers as the federal government releases tens of thousands of illegal immigrants into the United States monthly. 

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Reports indicate that the migrants are waiting in lines wraping around blocks, forming tent cities, and sleeping in motor vehicles while they wait for check-ins. 

Fox News reported Migrants who are not being expelled via Title 42 or expedited removal are being released into the U.S. either via humanitarian parole or with a notice to report to their local ICE facility when they get to wherever it is they choose to live. The lines include both recent arrivals and illegal immigrants who are checking in, including those being taken off Alternatives to Detention (ATD).

Illegal entry by alien is outlawed via U.S. 8 Code 1325 and outlines civil penalties for anyone entering or failing to depart from the United States at a time not designated or not designated by immigration officials. 

The Biden Administration seems to have abandoned these standards making them negligent of the law. 

Florida is a particularly hot spot for legal and illegal migrants for a slew of reasons. The border crises and failure to act on the part of the Biden administration have caused the state to; like many others; be overwhelmed. 

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