Google To Fire Unvaccinated Employees Under Strict New Rule

According to an internal memo obtained by CNBC, Google is planning to relieve it’s unvaccinated employees of pay and eventually fire them. 

In July, Google executive Sundar Pichai announced that the company would be requiring the vaccine for anyone returning to the work place, but would allow some employees to continue working from home. 

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The before mentioned memo outlined a December 3rd deadline for workers to reveal their vaccine status and upload the documentation proving it, or apply for medical and religious exemptions. 

Any employee who has failed to get the jab by the 18th of January will be put on administrative leave with pay. After 30 days on paid leave, if the employee continues to resist the mandate, they will be placed on unpaid leave. This unpaid leave would last roughly 6 months. 

After the 6 months of unpaid leave – you guessed it – the employee will be fired if they are still resisting or haven’t left the company yet. 

Google is effectively coercing its workers into getting the COVID-19 vaccine under threat of losing pay, and eventually their job. 

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The vaccine has existed for little more than one year. Though it is likely safe, it’s not unreasonable that some Americans remain skeptical based on the little to no long term testing of this specific vaccine. 


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