Did Google Fund Wuhan Lab?

There’s a reason Google did away with its old slogan, “Don’t be evil.”

After a year’s worth of widespread and scantly justified censorship of videos from YouTube, as well as the throttling of various subject matters from search results, it’s all suddenly begun to come to light.

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According to a recent investigative report by The National Pulse, ties between tech-monolith Google (owned by Alphabet and parent company of YouTube as of 2006) and the EcoHealth Alliance go back nearly a decade. The EcoHealth Alliance accepts funds from the United States Institutes of Health, as well as other large, corporate donors, for the purposes of financing gain-of-function research. The party in question that received those funds from EcoHealth to conduct that research? The Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Google also provided funds to conduct research on flavivirus, henipavirus, and herpes between the years 2010 and 2015.

Now the mainstream insistence regarding the inaccuracy or outright impossibility of the proposed lab-leak hypothesis makes much more scene: If the origins of covid and its potent transmissibility could be traced back to the money fronted by Google, they would be, at least in part, liable for it. Thousands of videos and accounts, both from armature sleuths and medical experts alike, have been purged from the visible internet – all for the stated purpose of a phony campaign against “disinformation”. Much of such “disinformation” has been backed by the private correspondence of Anthony Fauci, released as part of a Freedom of Information Act request.

Public confidence in not just the federal government, but select state governments, the medical establishment, and the media and tech companies are at all-time lows; and it isn’t difficult to determine why. China’s apparent despair at the prospect of an international investigation has prompted fresh threats, war games, and increased speculation that the communist nation may make an attempt on Taiwan, having already encroached on their airspace. Google, having worked closely with China to develop a highly censorious and surveillance-heavy intranet for the rogue nation, has as well been curiously been making curious moves to promote other news other than covid in recent days.

What a curious time to become tight-lipped about a topic, considering the rapid spread of the delta variant.


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