Congressional Candidate Blames Her Abortion On Climate Change

Alexandra Hunt a congressional candidate from Pennsylvania has been open about her history as a stripper, and also with abortion. 

Hunt became pregnant when she was 18 years old, and insisted that the world was not a suitable place to raise a child. 

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“When I was 18, I was part of the 2% of people who can get pregnant on birth control and I found out I was pregnant. And I decided that I was not ready to bring a child in this world and I decided to get an abortion,” she said in a video posted on Twitter. 

I was a person was not ready to bring a child into this world, but also the world was not in a state — and is not, 10 years later, is not in a state — that I wanted to bring a child into yet, which is my decision to make,” she continued. 


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When explaining why the world is allegedly unfit for new children, Hunt cited a lack of jobs, a housing crisis, and the “climate emergency” 

“My generation faces a lack of jobs, a lack of living wage, a housing crisis, an affordable housing crisis, a student debt crisis, the climate emergency, the prison-industrial complex, and the list goes on and on. And I wanted to offer my child better.” 

Hunt’s abortion was carried out a decade ago. One might wonder if the conditions of the “climate crises” have significantly worsened since then. 2010 was the first time in roughly 2 decades that sea levels had actually decreased by 7mm. 

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Since then the sea level has risen by little more than a few inches, meaning our major coastal cities are not in peril of becoming the next Atlantis anytime soon. 

“Having an abortion enabled me to progress in my career, cut ties in an abusive relationship, and get to a place of economic security so I can properly care for my future children when I’m ready to become a mother.” She said implying that her career progress outweighs the value/rights of an unborn human. 


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