Twitter Censors Trump Statements

Is Donald Trump banned from Twitter, or is his name and memory banned altogether? 

Donald Trump was banned from Twitter after allegedly inciting the January 6th Capitol raid. Dispute the fact that he was acquitted in the senate, the ban remains. 

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Twitter has begun banning accounts on their platform that post statements from the former president. They claim that this action is an evasion of ban. 

The person posting the statements was not Donald Trump therefore they cannot be evading a ban that never applied to them. 

The accounts username was @DJTDESK it made its first appearance on Thursday. Twitter claims that users cannot “imitate” a suspended account. Which of course, was not the case. 

Notices, and statements from a former president are important news stories that should be allowed to circulate. 

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Pew research shows that 88% of Americans use digital devices as a primary source of news consumption. Not allowing these statements to be circulated is a manipulation of public perception. 


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