China Threatens a ‘Robust Response’ After American Boycott

China has allegedly ‘warned’ the United States not to boycott the Winter Olympics in Beijing next year after President Biden spoke of the possibility that America and its allies may do just that. The boycott would be in response to China’s human rights violations.

Fox News reported: A Foreign Ministry spokesperson rejected accusations of abuses against ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region. He warned of an unspecified “robust Chinese response” to a potential Olympics boycott.

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It is scary to speculate what a ‘robust Chinese response’ may look like. We have seen how they treat their own citizens, who knows how they would treat Americans.

China has been mistreating Uyghur muslims, Tibetans and residents of Hong Kong. The Guardian reports that a study shows the existence of at least 380 internment camps in China’s Xinjiang region used to ‘re-educate Uyghur muslims. These Internment camps vary from low security, to fortified prisons.

In order to find these camps, Satellites were used. Newly lit areas outside of towns were searched for at night, and then when it was daytime the structures were clear.

China insists that these are just re-education camps and most people in them return to society. However, inside the camps there are no journalists allowed, and no human rights activist allowed, in order to conceal the true nature of their brutality.

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Odd that a place for rehabilitation or “re-education” would have armed guards in tactical equipment standing by. These are prisons.

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