California Economics Professor Defends Stalin

A California economics professor, and also a self proclaimed communist received backlash from commentators after praising Joseph Stalin in a tweet. 

The Daily Caller reported, “Self-identified communist Asatar Bair, an economics professor at Riverside City College, made multiple Twitter posts where he called for more nuance when discussing Stalin’s rule in the former U.S.S.R.

Bair said he does not “idolize” Stalin but holds a “fair and balanced view” of the dictator. “The man was neither savior nor saint, but he was, at once a very successful revolutionary, a great contributor to Marxist theory, and said to be a great listener and collaborator during discussions,” Bair said.”

The economics professor concluded that Stalin was one of the “great leaders of the 20th century.” It’s amazing and quite scary that individuals like this are able to teach in serious institutions. 

Joseph Stalin was known well for his brutality. Stalin established forced labor camps called “gulags”, he was also known for ethnic deportations and his authoritarian security services. All which ended the lives of millions. 

“We think dictators make decisions by fiat, and hence we are shocked to find that Stalin did not make decisions in this manner, but was known to listen and reflect on everyone’s POV before even making his own known,” Blair defended Stalin as commentators began criticizing the posts.

One user also found that the professor is a Uyghur genocide denier.


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