670 Ballots Mailed To Wrong Addresses In Delaware County

As reported Friday by the Philadelphia Inquirer, 670 absentee ballots were sent to the wrong addresses in Delaware County of Pennsylvania.

Many voters received other people’s ballots because the ballot information didn’t have voters’ correct mailing addresses on them.

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This potentially means they could have accidentally voted under someone else’s name if they didn’t catch the mistake.

Frank Agovino and Joseph Lombardo, two candidates for city council, are suing the vendor hired by the county.

The attorney that filed a petition in court, Michael Puppio, has asked for an emergency hearing to evaluate the problem, saying the mistake might have put “the integrity of the municipal election … at stake”.

There was a hearing Saturday afternoon and Judge Kelly Eckel has given both sides until Monday to file briefs.

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The Delaware Valley Journal reported the case of Kathy Bogosian, who received someone else’s ballot in the mail. “I was concerned. If I got one wrong ballot, then other people did, too,” she said. “I thought, ‘What idiots'”.

James Allen, Director of Election Operations, explained that “In one of the smaller, final files, our printing and mailing vendor misprinted outbound envelopes”. He said the ballots will be cancelled so they can’t be processed and new ones will go out to voters.

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