Mexican Diplomats Met Virtually With UPSIDE DOWN Flag

The Secretary of State Antony Blinken carelessly offended the Mexican community Friday, after he appeared in front of an upside down Mexican flag. 

This incident occurred during a virtual meeting with Marcelo Ebrard, the Mexican Foreign Secretary.  

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Fox News Wrote: 

“Unfortunately, a detail was off with the virtual visit that left online observers baffled — the Mexican flag was flying upside-down. The head of the eagle borne on the Mexican flag is supposed to face upward — the opposite of how the flag was positioned behind Blinken. “

Mexican journalists were quick to notice and point out this mistake.  They jabbed at the Biden administration on Twitter claiming that the upside down flag, was a “sign”. 

This is certainly not a good look for For the Secretary of State, or the Biden Administration as a whole. While this move seems small to us, it likely is not as interpreted as small to the Mexican people. 

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As we know, upside own flags often represent disrespect or distress. While it’s likely this is not what Blinken intended, it may appear that way to others. 

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