Antifa STABS Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protestor In Scuffle

ANTIFA has done it once again. The murderous group, that claims to stand against fascism has once again attempted to murder someone for their ideas. 

The Los Angeles Times reported, An anti-vaccine rally at Los Angeles City Hall turned violent Saturday, with one person stabbed and a reporter saying he was assaulted, according to police and protesters on the scene.

Ironically assaulting individuals for their political ideas, is exactly what a fascist would do. Yet, this group claims to stand against ideological fascism. 

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The events occurred as hundreds gathered and protested for medical freedom. They arrived bearing American flags, and had descended on City Hall. 

Around 2:30 PM on Saturday a fight broke out. Counterprotestors, opposing “medical freedom” dressed in all black attacked.

Paramedics and police arrived to the scene in time to save the stab victim, and save him from death. 

Allegedly during the brawl, mace was used, and death threats were exchanged by both parties. 

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