UBER Still Asking For Mask SELFIES In Order To Travel

Last fall, the ride-sharing business Uber announced it would require some riders to take a selfie before traveling to prove they have a mask on.

All drivers and delivery employees were required to wear masks. If a passenger was maskless, the driver was able to report them, meaning the passenger had to take a mask selfie the next time they wanted to use Uber.

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Uber’s global head of safety, Sachin Kansa, explained that the company believed both parties should be held accountable, allowing both drivers and passengers to cancel trips without penalty if someone was maskless.

Now, almost a year later, riders are still being asked to provide mask selfies.

Once a selfie is taken, Uber uses object recognition software to look for a mask on someone’s face. The company’s website explains that the software is solely used to check for masks.

This software does not involve facial recognition or any biometric data processing, meaning the technology does not collect or use face prints or any unique elements or measurements of your face derived from the photo.

Uber Help

If a photo isn’t verified or submitted, riders will not be permitted to travel in an Uber-run vehicle. Photos can be retaken for verification and passengers with health considerations may request a support ticket.

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Uber claims the photos are deleted immediately after verification and data security measures are put in place to protect users’ information.

Many passengers are finding that they can still be reported for being “maskless” despite having one on. In particular, it seems drivers can report passengers for not wearing a mask without proving so.

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