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New Website Releases 10,000 Photos From Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Hunter Biden’s Personal Photos Revealed Online


A collection of photographs from Hunter Biden’s laptop has been released to the public through the launch of a new website known as Spanning from 2008 to 2019, the website will contain almost 10,000 photos and took several months to produce.

Garrett Ziegler, the nonprofit Marco Polo’s founder, informed Fox News Digital that they spent time inspecting the pictures and blurring out the genitalia. Former Trump White House aide, Ziegler, also stated that their organization values truth and transparency, so they won’t delete images that promote the Bidens in a positive light.

In advance of its debut, Fox News was given exclusive access to several of the pictures, which include remnants of the drugs Hunter Biden consumed in 2018 and one of Hunter and his then-lover, Zoe Kesten, from the same year.


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The Biden family, however, won’t have to worry about their right to privacy being violated by the release of these images because some of them containing social security numbers, banking information, and credit card numbers were redacted. In addition, pictures of Hallie Biden, the former lover and widow of Beau Biden, were not included on the website.

Despite these limitations, Ziegler did provide an unseen photo of Hunter with Zoe Kestan from 2018 and one from the same year with an assortment of drugs on a table and a condom wrapper. Ziegler then stated that select images, such as those related to Candy Crush games, that lacked newsworthiness, will not be shown on the site, but on average, about 98 percent of the photos will be visible.

Viewers will see an authentic chronicle of the images found on the device. Ziegler guaranteed that none of the photographs will reveal genitalia, while the display of the images will be in chronological order. He assured the public that this project isn’t designed to incriminate the Biden family but instead to openly present a large quantity of images showing the family’s lives. The former Trump aide emphasized that their team consists of nonpartisan Republicans.

“It’s essential to understand that this isn’t politically motivated and that none of us on the team are registered Republicans,” Ziegler explained. “Actually, precisely because he wasn’t a conventional Republican, I liked and still like Trump. So this photo dump isn’t a political hit job.” The release of these photos is being considered the most comprehensive expose on any first family in history when that family was present in the White House.

Owing to the scope of the images on the laptop, the website will use a photo viewing app, which allows users to view photo metadata. Latitude and longitude coordinates, along with the time and aperture, are just a few examples of what individuals who access the site may learn from the data available. However, Ziegler stated that videos from the laptop will be accessible to the public later, and the delay is primarily due to the volume of questionable pornography present in the videos. His team will have to utilize AI tools to edit the nonpublic sections of the videos before they can be posted on the website.

“I believe there are ‘a few’ hazardous photos that reporters should scrutinize on the network,” Ziegler said. “If you take a look at those pictures, you’ll witness everything, including pornography and drug abuse,” he said. Fox News Digital reached out to the Biden family and Hunter Biden’s legal counsel, but neither responded to requests for comments. recently debuted, making 10,000 previously unreleased images from Hunter Biden’s laptop available to the public. This was made possible thanks to the hard work it took for the non-profit comedy group Marco Polo, under the direction of Garrett Ziegler, a former Trump White House official. Ziegler ensured that none of the images display genitalia while Fox News Digital was given access to some of the images ahead of their general release

The photos featured on are primarily from 2008 to 2019, and the website is easy to navigate. Despite the presence of numerous personal and private images, including social security and banking information, the website redacts such details. The Widow of Beau Biden, Hallie Biden, is also shown in some images. However, the selection of photos uploaded is not a politically motivated hit job, according to the nonprofit behind the website.

Several images have been removed from the website as they have no newsworthiness, including screenshots from a Candy Crush game, and other private images that serve no purpose beyond being intrusive. Nevertheless, Ziegler claims that the vast majority of the site’s images have news value.

The volume of images on the site makes it one the most extensive releases of its kind for any first family while in office. Users will have access to the metadata of the photographs, giving detailed insights into not only the images but also their performance. There are also promises of video content, although this may take longer due to censorship needs. is the most extensive collection of previously unreleased intimate images of an American first family. Despite controversy and concerns around privacy, the release isn’t a political attack on the Biden family. It also ensures that the American public can understand what the first family is doing and avoid the manipulation of selective image releases.

Upon accessing the website, viewers should expect an extensive collection of intimate images, including several featuring Hunter Biden and his former lover, Zoe Kesten, and evidence of past drug use. Nevertheless, the photos that are being released are authentic, and none of the images on the site feature genitalia.

According to Ziegler, a team of nonpartisan Republicans produces this site. They ensure that everything gets released, both good and bad, in the interest of transparency and reporting. They are committed to disclosing all images that they believe have news value.

Ziegler has encouraged everyone to examine the website for themselves. People can then choose how they perceive the first family when viewing these images. If someone wants to comprehend what is actually happening with the Bidens, these images provide a comprehensive portrayal of both their highs and lows.

It is essential to consider that while this photo dump of 10,000 images is notable, it is just the beginning. The exposé of American first families is only possible once their tenures in the White House have ended. However, provides a comprehensive, authentic, and thorough portrayal of the Bidens, warts and all.


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