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DOJ Declares Trump as Criminal Target in Shocking Report

Trump’s Defense Team Requests DOJ to Postpone Indictment


A recent report has made shocking revelations that federal prosecutors have officially declared former President Donald J. Trump a criminal target, indicating that he will be indicted soon in an inquiry into supposed classified documents.

Fox News has corroborated this breaking news reported by John Solomon, the editor-in-chief of Just the Trump’s defense team has requested that the DOJ postpone the impending indictment due to particularly grave allegations that a prosecutor of high rank has been trying to influence witness testimony by discussing a federal judgeship.

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This case is currently facing a federal judge. Nevertheless, the DOJ has refused any injunction and will promptly progress with the matter.

On the contrary, Hunter Biden’s laptop, dubbed ‘the laptop from hell’ has remained in the DOJ’s possession since late 2019, yet the inquiry has lingered on for half a decade. The Department of Justice calls this a fair instance of equal justice and the equitable enforcement of the law.

Yet, to demonstrate an effort to maintain the facade of impartiality, Hunter Biden will supposedly also be indicted around the same time as the former president. However, I must pause here and say that Hunter Biden will most likely evade all serious charges, certainly none that relate to Jim Comer’s investigations in the House Oversight Committee, and definitely not anything that would implicate his father, whom he has asked to pay for his home repairs and to receive half of his income.

Others have referred to Joe Biden as ‘the big guy’ who supposedly receives 10%. This indictment will likely only serve as a ‘show trial,’ only to simulate the pursuit of justice while in reality, it is simply an overtly political, perpetual witch hunt against former President Trump.

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The Department of Justice appears to have three major objectives: 1) to prosecute Donald Trump as quickly as possible and forestall any chance of him becoming president again, 2) to safeguard Joe Biden at all costs, and 3) to concoct reasons to bring charges against Trump by using Hunter, who is a crack addict and creates portraits of drug-addicts he sells for large sums of money.

This is certainly not to be confused with the amounts of money paid for paintings by numbers. However, the DOJ will use him as a sacrificial scapegoat for the show indictment, so as to feign impartiality in going after Trump. The question on everyone’s mind now is when the indictments will come to fruition?

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As the latest in a long line of inconclusive investigations dating back to the beginning of Trump’s presidency, this story has had time to develop and intensify, and has become a critical issue for our country today.

However, any attempts to justify this increasingly theatrical witch hunt against former President Trump highlight the corrupt nature of our modern-day justice system, which is now more politicized than ever before.

The DOJ’s unwavering dedication to persecute Trump compounds this damning reality, sending a clear message that it is not in search of objective truth but rather a specific outcome.

It’s clear the DOJ isn’t interested in any legal precedent, but instead is using the legal system as a tool to oppress political opponents. The sobering reality must be that the DOJ would rather prosecute a former President and his allies rather than focus on the critical issues facing our country.

The DOJ must be reminded that it’s crucial to promote justice, integrity and professionalism. All of the above virtues are rendered virtually meaningless when targeting political adversaries and engaging in a vigorous legal battle of reputational sabotage.

This calls into question whether the DOJ plays a partisan role or simply seeks to achieve justice on an even-handed basis. In the end, it might be the former, given that throughout recent history, the DOJ has been a partisan and corrupted entity that may require reconstruction in the future.

This whole saga has starkly revealed the deep divisions within the United States, a nation once heralded for its democratic values and the rule of law. It is critical to note that the DOJ’s erroneous application of the law and its push to prosecute Trump has wider implications.

It indicates that the fundamental principles of due process and a fair trial can be compromised as long as it serves a political agenda. This is exceptionally alarming.

Indeed, when we lose even a shred of our democratic values, which promote individual liberty and the right to fair treatment, we lose a piece of what makes our country great, and we open the door for further oppression and authoritarianism.

What is at stake here is not just the personal freedom of the former president or the deeply troubling cases against Hunter Biden, but the very soul of our democratic society. This can only be sustained through the independent judiciary, serving as a safeguard against political and ideological bias, and the protection of the constitutional rights of every citizen.

The misguided crusade against Trump by the DOJ and other government agencies appears to be a violation of these principles.

The politicization of law enforcement must stop. We cannot allow the progressive undermining of the rule of law and the core American values upon which our nation was founded. To heal our nation, we must ensure that the due process of law and accountability remains intact.

In turn, it’s up to those in power to ensure that the DOJ and other government agencies act in accordance with their duties and responsibilities, and that they remain committed to fair and unbiased law enforcement. It’s critical to call out this state of affairs and seek reforms where necessary, in order to ensure that our judicial system remains without blemish.

The truth of the matter is that our country faces an uncertain future. The DOJ’s abuses and the ongoing political witch hunt against Trump cast a critical light on just how much our democracy is at risk. However, the blame doesn’t lie entirely with the DOJ, and there are those who remain invested in promoting a bipartisan balance of power.

It remains up to us, as citizens of this great nation, to hold those in power accountable for their actions, even if it means scrutinizing the highest echelons of government. We must commit ourselves to the pursuit of justice and fairness, for the sake of our nation and its future.

Trump and Biden’s cases are only a symptom of a deepening partisan divide that is threatening the very fabric of our society. This intensifying political battle has resulted in a society that is more divided than ever.

As Americans, we must look beyond our political affiliations towards what truly matters – fairness, impartiality, and due process of the law. It is only through these principles that we can hope to achieve true justice.

This starts with acknowledging the wrongs of the DOJ, and demanding change. It’s time to put our differences aside and come together to make America a better, fairer, and just nation.

The battle against corruption is ongoing and ever-changing, and those who stand in the way of change will eventually fall. There is a new dawn on the horizon, one that represents a restoration of the balance of power in our country, the rule of law, and the protection of our individual liberties.


We must ensure that we are not on the wrong side of history, but actively pursuing these key values, which will contribute to a more stable, prosperous and unified America.

It is thus imperative that we, as a nation, stand together and fight for the right principles. The ongoing Trump case and others like it serve to remind us that we cannot place the interests of the few over the rights and welfare of the many.

We are a diverse, strong and pluralistic society, and we must continually strive to preserve and extend these values. The DOJ’s actions might be an unfortunate reflection of the turbulent times we live in, but it’s up to us to reaffirm and strengthen the ideals that underpin our nation.

Let us work together to restore the United States to a society that is founded upon a commitment to impartiality, equality, and the rule of law.

We must deeply consider the broader implications of the DOJ’s actions in cases like Trump and Biden’s, for such cases speak volumes about the fractious nature of our nation.

These cases should serve to remind us of our obligations to uphold individual liberties, promote fairness and justice and serve as a guiding light in these tumultuous times we live in. It is only by maintaining such principles that we can hope to progress as a nation, to bridge divides, and to work towards a better tomorrow.

Therefore, it’s incumbent upon all of us to insist that our institutions remain impartial and commit ourselves to the pursuit of a fair and just society for all. Only through this action will we be able to build a nation that is truly worthy of the name ‘United States of America.’

In conclusion, the DOJ’s indictment threats against Donald Trump represent a dangerous politicization of the law, and the ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden is equally troubling.

It is critical that we remain vigilant in pursuing justice and demanding accountability from our government and its agencies. The principles of due process, fairness, and impartiality should guide us as we strive to create a society that values truth, liberty, and justice above all.

Let us act together and stand strong in the face of adversity so that we might build a better and brighter future for all Americans.

Ultimately, the question is not about what happens to Trump or Hunter Biden. The question is about our commitment to justice and fairness, and our understanding of what a true democracy looks like. We must work together to protect the rule of law, the sanctity of individual freedom, and the principles of equality and fairness.

This is not a question of left or right, conservative or liberal, but rather a question of what kind of country we want to live in. And this, we must strive together to ensure, is a country committed to the fundamental values of justice, fairness, and liberty for all.


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