SCOTUS Denies Case Involving Florist and Gay Couple

Should business owners have the right to deny services that they believe violate their religion? 

Fox News reported. The Supreme Court on Friday declined to hear a case about a flower shop in Washington that the state’s Supreme Court ruled was discriminating against a gay man by refusing to provide flowers for his wedding due to her religious beliefs.

The case had been moving through Washington state courts for years and at one point was booted back down to lower courts by the Supreme Court after its decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop, the case in which the Supreme Court ruled in 2018 in favor of a Colorado baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. 

Men and women of America deserve to be treated fairly regardless of their religion or sexuality. The question is how to accomplish fairness for both parties in this situation. This involves allowing the couple to be served without forcing the florist to go against his or her religion. 

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It is also unclear why the couple would want to economically support the florist by purchasing their services in the first place, if the florist does not support their marriage. 

The Washington Supreme Court ruled against the florist. Barronelle Stutzman appealed once more to the Supreme Court, and his request was declined Friday. As a result, Stutzman is not subject to intense financial burden for alleged discrimination. 

Ironically, religion is also a protected class. Was the Washington Supreme Court discriminating against the Florist? 


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