Red Flag: Footage Reveals Gunman With Bag Of Dead Cats

New footage has revealed the Uvalde shooter, Salvador Ramos holding a bag of dead cats. This was a perfect example of a warning sign. 

Not only did Ramos allegedly have an obsession with hurting and killing cats or other small animals, but he threatened to kidnap, rape, and kill girls who shunned him online. Where was the intervention? Why was Ramos not reported? 

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A relative of Ramos said that the shooter was well known for hurting cats. This is a very obviously concerning set of behavior, time and time again shooters have disturbing records like Ramos, but due to a lack of action, they are able to carry out their tragic attacks. 

Ethan Crumbley who carried out the Oxford school shooting drew pictures of guns and dead children on his class work. When noticed, his parents were called in for a meeting with the school administration. Instead of sending Crumbley home, he was allowed to return to class – that same day he murdered his classmates. 

On Ramos’ 18th birthday, he bought his weapons and then used them to massacre Robb Elementary school. He was given a background check, which likely would have failed if he had been reported for his alleged violence and threats against young women in his area.

Ramos actually has direct warnings on Facebook, over several posts. First, he updated his status by saying that he was going to shoot his grandma. Later he let his friends know that he had indeed shot his grandmother. His final status update was a warning about the school shooting. “I’m going to shoot an elementary shool, (sic)” he said. 

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