Pelosi’s Husband bets $6 Million on Tech companies ahead of House Vote on Big Tech Bill

Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul has a long history of being extremely “lucky” when it comes to stock exchange. 

In January Pelosi bought $1 million in Tesla calls, just before the Biden administration announced that they would provide incentives to encourage the usage of electric cars. 

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In March, the speakers spouse purchased almost $2 million Microsoft options after the company secured a multi billion dollar contract. The tech titan would be paid $22 billion by the government in exchange for augmented reality headsets. These headsets would be supplied to combat troops in the Army. 

These events happening in perfect succession with each other would create a cushy financial situation for Paul and his congresswoman wife. 

Is it coincidence? Lucky trading? Well it’s happened once again. 

Fox Business reported, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband placed a bet of up to $6 million on Apple, Amazon and Google-parent company Alphabet ahead of a powerful House committee moving forward with bills aimed at reining in the powers of Big Tech.

Paul Pelosi on May 21 spent up to $250,000 on 50 Apple calls that have a strike price of $100 and that expire on June 17, 2022. He also bought 20 Amazon calls, costing up to $1 million, that have a strike price of $3,000 and that also expire on June 17, 2022. 

There is a name for this. Insider trading. 

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Insider trading is when an individual has explicit knowledge of something that will effect a company, before it goes public and uses that information to make a trade that will financially benefit them. 

For example, if Paul Pelosi knew Microsoft had cut a major deal with the government before everyone else because his wife is in congress but traded anyway, this would be insider trading… 

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Most recently when contacted by Fox Business a spokesperson for Pelosi denied any insider trading or knowledge of congressional dealings. 

“The speaker has no involvement or prior knowledge of these transactions,” the spokesperson said. 


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