Black Lives Matter Apparel Banned At Olympics

At the Tokyo Olympics, athletes will be barred from acting as activists during the games or at its ceremonies. The IOC has gone as far to ban Black Lives Matter apparel. 

WBTV, a CBS affiliate reported, “The IOC (International Olympic Committee) says athlete protests and political messages will remain banned at the Olympics after a survey found that a majority of competitors were in favor of keeping the ban in place.”

The IOC has had a history of prohibiting activism. The IOC banned the phrase “Black Lives Matter” on clothing but he allowed more moderate and less controversial phrases like “peace”, “Solidarity”, and “equality”. Now this isn’t because the sentiment “black lives matter” is controversial, most everyone believes that the phrase holds true. The movement however, and the organization that spear heads it its highly controversial. 

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A survey was conducted with over 3,500 athletes and the consensus was clear. 70% if athletes agreed with the rule, there for it was solidified. 

The rule will apply to the filed, the podium, ceremonies before and after the games and while the national anthem is being played. 

Athletes will not be permitted to raise their fists, or kneel during the anthem. 


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