National Guard Goes Home After DC Occupation

After over four months of being in Washington D.C., the National Guard is ending its deployment.

According to WUSA 9, 2,149 Guardsmen will be going back to their respectives home this week. The Department of Defense didn’t request to extend the mission.

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Captain Chelsi B. Johnson, who is a part of D.C. National Guard Public Affairs, said, “The Capitol Police have not requested the Guard to stay past May 23. Once the mission concludes, D.C. National Guard will return to normal operations and the out-of-state Guard members will return to their home station.”

The National Guard was deployed to D.C. after the January 6 Capitol Building Riot. During its height during President Biden’s Inauguration, there were an estimated 26,000 selectively activated troops from all 50 states.

General Daniel Hokanson, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, opposed continuing the extension of the troops as it would hinder missions “related to COVID-19, Civil Disturbance, wildfire, hurricane and flood response” in their home states.

To date, the deployment budget cost taxpayers an estimated $500 million, the final price is yet to be determined.

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Last week, the House passed a Democratic plan to spend $1.9 billion for extra security measures for the Capitol.

The New York Post wrote, “The plan includes $250 million for retractable fencing and sensors, $162.7 million for stronger doors and windows and $100 million to install vestibules for checking visitors.”

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The vote was passed 213-212 and will now face a vote in the Senate, which is split down the middle 50-50.


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