As Jury Deliberation Begins, Protestors Gather In Kenosha

Monday was the last day of arguments in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. This morning, the Jury gathered at 9am to deliberate their verdict on Rittenhouse’s guilt or innocence. 

Fox News reported that protestors have already gathered in the Wisconsin town anticipating the verdict that is likely to come either Tuesday or Wednesday. 

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There protestors that support Kyle Rittenhouse, and those who advocate for a guilty verdict. 

One protestor from Milwaukee said,  “I am for peaceful protesting. I am for free speech. I am here to support Kyle Rittenhouse because I’m a constitutionalist, I believe that he defended himself.” 

5 “Black Lives Matter” protestors also gathered outside the courthouse. It’s unclear what this case has to with BLM or their cause, as the only people affected were white. 

As of right now 500 national guard troops have been activated and wait on stand by for potential rioting that may occur this week. 

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NBC news reported Tuesday morning that the guard has been activated but has not yet entered Kenosha. They are currently waiting to determine whether or not they will be needed. 

It’s likely that a not-guilty verdict will cause far more unrest than a guilty verdict. 

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Some Twitter users have pointed out, that if the Wisconsin Governor had deployed the national guard in the first place, the Rittenhouse shooting would have never happened. 


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