WATCH: Man in MAGA Hat ATTACKED at Yankee Stadium

What happens when you wear a Trump campaign hat to Yankee Stadium? You get assaulted of course.

Recently video surfaced if a man wearing a MAGA hat at a Yankees game. A group approached him and allegedly  attempted to steal his hat.

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One video shows the incident occurring, and another shows a police officer mediating an argument between the two factions. 

In the second video the pair of boys recording are shouting “put the hat back on” and “Trump 2024’” 

Shortly after the incident occurred the man did just that. He returned the cap to his head chhers erupted and the crowd began clapping.

The man’s hat was an expression of free speech. The other group has every right to comment on that expression. They however do not have the right to remove the hat from the his possession. 

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