Canadians Use ‘SOS’ Message At Border

As our COVID restrictions begin to let up, Canada ramps theirs up. 

Canadians living in Ontario cannot gather with friends or family and they cannot attend services at their place of worship. The police are allowed to stop and question anyone who they believe to be attending any kind of gathering. The police can also inquire about the person’s home address. 

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In reaction to these ‘tyrannical’ orders as they put it, Canadians have gathered close to the US border with upside down Canadian flags using Morse code to create an ‘SOS’ message. 

It’s alleged that one pastor has been jailed for his crime of holding church services. He is not allowed to challenge the constitutional validity of the stay at home order, and the court also ruled that the state does not have to provide scientific evidence to back their orders. 

The Canadian residents feel as though they are prisoners to their state. 


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