Joe Biden Rally Crashed By Group Shouting ‘We Love Trump’

“F—k Joe Biden chants have swept the nation, and now, not even Joe Biden campaign events are safe from anti-Biden chants. 

As the President held an event in Arlington Virginia, several voices could be heard in the background shouting “we love Trump!”

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The voices became louder and louder as Biden acknowledged the demonstrators. “This isn’t a Trump rally” he said. 

Biden at first laughed, “that’s alright, let them go… that’s okay! That’s alright… why don’t you hangout and talk to me after this is over?” He asked. 

As the chants continued and grew in volume he motioned with his hands for those chanting to quiet down. Joe was clearly becoming frustrating. 

The last thing the President needs is another thing distracting him. It’s hard enough for Biden to form a complete verbal sentence when it’s quiet, let alone while protestors chant next to him. Nevertheless, he attempted to continue on through the distracting noise that clouded his thoughts. 

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Many Twitter users questioned how a man with more votes than any President in American history could have his own speeches crashed by opposition..


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