21 Democrat Senators Demand Monthly Stimulus Checks

A $1,400 stimulus check, and a $1.9 trillion relief package was just not enough, 21 Democrat senators are determined to run the federal budget dry as they push Biden to include recurring payments in a $3 trillion infrastructure plan. 

“We urge you to include recurring direct payments and automatic unemployment insurance extensions tied to economic conditions in your Build Back Better long-term economic plan,” the Democrats wrote in the letter to Biden.” 

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On the front line was Oregon Senator Ron Wyden who sent the request via a letter to the President. Biden’s infrastructure plan is expected to be introduced Wednesday. 

Amazingly, some believe this to be a great idea.

Their concern is not stimulating the economy to cope with the effects of COVID 19. Their concern is expanding the welfare state and building a dependency on the government. The greater the dependency, the greater the power. 

This is indicated when they specify that this would build a better “long term economic plan” in doing so, also building a long term dependency and expanding social safety nets at the expense of the American tax payer. 


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