Is Senator Joe Manchin Leaving The Democrat Party?

Rumors have surfaced that Democrat Senator Joe Manchin was considering leaving the Democrat party to become an independent. 

Joe Manchin has recently become notorious for opposing the $3.5 trillion spending package  and referring to it as “the definition of fiscal insanity”. 

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When confronted about the reports, Manchin called the allegations “bull s—t”. 

Fox News reported, Manchin was swarmed by reporters ahead of the vote for President Biden’s controversial Education Department nominee Catherine Lhamon asking him about a report that said the senator was considering leaving his party and becoming an independent.

The West Virginia Democrat told the gaggle of reporters that he has “no control over the rumors” before calling the Wednesday report “bulls—.”

Manchin wants the spending package to drop to at least $1.75 trillion. According to the reports, originating from Mother Jones, Manchin was considering dropping the Democrat Party to become an “American Independent” if the stubborn party did not agree to lower the price. 

Mother Jones also reported, that Manchin had a plan in place to aid his exodus from the further radicalizing party. 

The first step allegedly consisted of a letter that would be sent to Chuck Schumer condemning the party 

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If all else failed, Manchin would change his voter registration from Democrat to Republican. 


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