House Republicans Ask For Dismissal Of Lawsuit Against Georgia

On Monday, over 50 Republican representatives signed on to an amicus brief to request that a federal judge dismiss the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Georgia.

The lawsuit, filed in June, involves Georgia’s Election Integrity Act. This law enforced voter ID requirements, expanded early voting, regulated absentee ballot drop boxes, and focused on ballot harvesting.

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The DOJ claimed that this law discriminated against black people by infringing on their right to vote. President Joe Biden even went as far as to compare the act to the Jim Crow laws.

The brief was filed with Jay Sekulow, chief counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice. Lawmakers argued that the act was non-discriminatory and did not infringe on anyone’s right.

This lawsuit presents no viable basis for overturning the will of the citizens of Georgia, expressed through their elected representatives who have been given the constitutional authority and duty to regulate elections.

Georgia Law Brief

The lawmakers involved have also accused the Biden administration of trying to seize power from the states over the control of election procedures.

A letter was sent to Merrick Garland, or the attorney journal, asking for the complaint be dropped.

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