Harris Visits Medical Center After Encounter With Infected Texas Lawmakers

After Texas’ Democrat lawmakers abandoned their post and boarded a jet to DC, three contracted COVID-19. 

Upon arriving in Washington DC, the Representatives met with Vice President Kamala Harris. 

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Sunday, Harris made a trip to Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland for a “routine doctors appointment” after being exposed to the defiant lawmakers. 

Fox News asked Harris’ office if the vice president is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 but they did not immediately respond. 

On Saturday, Harris spokesperson Symone Sanders said that Harris had not been in close contact with the infected lawmakers, according to Fox News. 

“Based on the timeline of these positive tests, it was determined the Vice President and her staff present at the meeting were not at risk of exposure because they were not in close contact with those who tested positive and therefore do not need to be tested or quarantined,”  Sanders announced. 

Sunday she also tweeted, “The Delta variant is no joke. Get Vaccinated.” 

At this point the Vp was likely fearing that she had contracted the variant. 

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