BLM Twerking Video for MLK

This is how BLKLivesMatteon Instagram chooses to honor MLK

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Artist Statement:

Twerk on Washington is a declaration of freedom and healing. Advocating for the decolonization of oversexualizing Black women’s bodies to reclaim an ancient sacred dances of liberation and wellness. Sampling the “I Have a Dream” by the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The shame of traditional African practices is not ours. Trauma is kept in the body, shake it off.

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1st off; All of a sudden you love America? What happened to burning the flag? Now you are wearing it as booty shorts as you TWERK! (Which is unintentionally disrespectful, but still an example of Freedom)

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2nd off; This is not a good representation for BLM or Black Culture in general.

And it is not just “White Conservatives” who think this is bad, BLM supporters are also furious!

BLM as an organization has done nothing but set Minorities back by years in this country.

Racial Division is at an all time high and MLK day is one of the days where EVERYONE is honoring MLK.

BUT I guess in a twist of Irony this has brought us together, Mutual Hatred for the Disrespect.


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