Scientists Pressured to deny Lab Leak Theory to not be Associated to Trump

In ancient times, it was heretical to suggest that the Earth was not the center of creation – that is, in fact, orbiting the sun. Citing inconsistencies with the authorized canon of the world and its workings made you a criminal. Like the saying goes; the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Like the slow trickle of Hollywood sex-crime victims too scared to speak, once respected researchers and renowned names in the medical field are coming out of the lab-leak closet. Allina Chan, one of a meager handful of 18 experts that penned a letter last month which urged a renewed investigation into covid-19’s origins, said in no uncertain terms that science and reason took a backseat to politics. The consequences of which have been mountainous.

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At the time, it was scarier to be associated with Trump and to become a tool for racists, so people didn’t want to publicly call for an investigation into lab origins,” Chan told The Hill.

There is no method by which the damage brought on by the pandemic and the subsequent lock-downs can yet be measured. The societal, psychological, and economic ramifications can be seen in every news-feed and breaking story. The honest and rational consensus at the time that covid-19 may have come from the lab in Wuhan China, would have been a uniting force; it would have given the entire world a single point of contention and interest. But the “experts” kept quiet.

Those few who did dare to be skeptical of the official story – like people of science and inquisitive minds are – found themselves outflanked and censored by the gatekeepers of human communication. Their voices too few and far between to convince the masses as they fought over blame and toilet paper. It was inopportune for the opportunists in the scientific establishment to air their concerns. They didn’t want to be called mean names by Twitter check-marks.

But even now the information provided to the public is so inconsistent and wildly varied – schools of thought are polarized that there is nothing between them. Worst of all, perhaps, is the divide on treatment. Vaccines are either 1000% effective and perfect with no conceivable chance of ill effects, or they are a bio-weapon and the real threat. The rational few who remain skeptical of both ends and choose to consider their own health requirements find themselves a minority out of nowhere.

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Is it too little too late? Will it make a difference now that the cowards who write the facts and the history of medicine feel safe enough to speak not that Fauci’s emails are public records? Will the 180 degree turns being performed by media outlets – now that their feverish, manic rage over Trump’s time in office – do anything to inform the public of the real problem?

Science is not opinion. Science is not a politic. And anyone who would have you think it is is not a scientist.

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