WATCH: Lawmaker’s Home VANDALIZED After introducing Bill to Ban Trans Surgeries

Republican Senator Mike Kennedy’s Home Defaced in Attack Linked to Transgender Bill


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This week, a Utah state legislator’s home was defaced with messages which appear to target him for his resistance to transgender medical procedures for underage individuals. Painted in red on Republican State Senator Mike Kennedy’s door were the words ‘fash’ – an abbreviation of fascist – and ‘These trannies bash back,’ employing a derogatory term for transgender individuals. The vandalism was brought to light through a photograph shared by Kennedy on Facebook.

Earlier in the year, Kennedy championed SB16, a bill prohibiting transgender surgeries and the use of puberty blockers for minors in Utah. The legislation received support from Governor Spencer Cox, who signed it into law in January. In response to the wrecking spree, Kennedy stood firm in opposition to intimidation tactics on his Facebook page, expressing his commitment not to be deterred by such ‘cowardly actions.’


In his post, Kennedy emphasized that the vandalism of his residence extended beyond a personal attack, instead striking at the core principles upheld by his state. Undeterred by fear or violence, he vowed that Utah citizens would continue to push back against radical elements attempting to assert influence within their community. With unwavering resolve, Kennedy expressed his determination to collaborate with the ‘good people of Utah’ to ensure a brighter future for all, with a particular focus on children.

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Utah’s SB16 legislation is one part of a wider trend taking hold in America, with at least 11 states enacting similar restrictions. This movement is spearheaded by conservative individuals who argue that transgender medical treatments are not only unproven, but also pose a potential hazard to young people. However, these contentious bills have faced opposition from both LGBTQ advocacy organizations and medical professionals.


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Experts such as the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Psychiatric Association argue that the so-called ‘gender-affirming care’ is the best approach in supporting transgender individuals. They stand in stark contrast to conservative concerns about the safety and efficacy of these treatments for children.

Equality Utah, the state’s primary LGBTQ advocacy group, which had opposed Kennedy’s bill, issued a statement denouncing the defacement of his home. Although the organization is unsure about the identity of the perpetrators, they are operating under the assumption that the act might have been driven by the legislator’s support of SB16.

Equality Utah went on to affirm their strong rejection of any acts of violence or vandalism targeting public officials, regardless of whether they are linked to LGBTQ advocacy or not. They stated that such heinous actions do not advance the cause of LGBTQ Utah residents and are unequivocally counterproductive to fostering an environment of equality.

The Lone Peak Police Department, when contacted for comment, did not immediately respond to inquiries. Despite the underlying message of fear and intimidation, these acts of vandalism and violence only serve to strengthen the resolve of those who believe in standing up for what they believe is right.


Instead of disheartening or weakening the spirit of those who oppose such radical impositions, these incidents only shine a light on the divide and encourage even more steadfast efforts towards maintaining the values and principles that define their communities across the United States.

As these controversial bills continue to face opposition from certain segments of society, officials, like Senator Kennedy, are undeterred in their determination to uphold the legislation they believe is in the best interest of their constituents, particularly the wellbeing of children.

The groundswell of support from conservative Americans fighting against what they see as unproven and potentially harmful treatments speaks to the deep-rooted belief that the safety and well-being of their youth should be the utmost priority.

On the other side, LGBTQ advocacy groups maintain that their fight is to ensure that transgender individuals receive the care necessary to lead fulfilling lives. This battle, now playing out in the public sphere, serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for equality.


In the face of acts targeting public officials or those who represent a particular political stance, it is essential that both sides continue to engage in meaningful dialogue and debate in order to foster an environment of understanding and mutual respect.

As Senator Kennedy’s case illustrates, those who are targeted by such disgraceful acts should not be silenced in fear; rather, they should use this adversity as an opportunity to further their commitment to the values they hold dear, and to continue fighting for a better future for all.

Ultimately, it is through collaboration, understanding, and compromise that communities can hope to bridge the divide, navigating the complex world of identity and values in a way that seeks to uphold the fundamental principles of freedom, respect, and dignity for everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs.


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