Democrats Most Concerned About Abortion Despite Recession

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Despite a rising inflation crisis and a recessing economy, abortion remains the most popular issue among democrats according to a recent poll. 

Fox News reported, Despite inflation hitting a 40-year-high in June and the economy entering into a technical recession, abortion remains the most important issue to 18% of registered Democrat voters, with climate change, gun violence, and healthcare all being of more concern than inflation — that was the current most concerning issue to only 10% of Democrats. Among registered Republican voters, inflation was the most pressing issue at 45%, followed by immigration.

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The United States is in a technical recession as the GDP has decreased for two consecutive quarters. 

The Quinnipiac University Poll also showed that the majority of Democrats approved of Biden’s student loan forgiveness. 

A majority portion of polled democrats that supported the forgiveness was over the age of 50 years old. 

This minor support doesn’t exonerate  Biden from his low approval, however. Polls also show that Democrats do not want to see Biden run again. 

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Joe Biden seems to have plans for a re-election campaign, but his voters wish he wouldn’t. 

An Ipsos poll found that a whopping 56% of Democrats thought it would be a bad idea for Joe Biden to run for President again in 2024.

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Clearly student loan forgiveness won’t be enough for Joe Biden to win over the American people when the 2024 election comes around. 

A USA Today poll also found that 50% of Biden’s party hoped he would not try to gain a second term. 69% of all voters from both parties also held this sentiment. 

According to Fox 68% of registered Hispanic voters also disapproved of shoe z Biden’s job and did not want to see him run again. 

Another poll, from Harvard, found that 71% of Americans don’t want to see Biden in the office again. 

All of these polls reflect one constant; Joe Biden is incredibly unpopular even among democrats who elected him in the first place. 


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