Secret Service Tackles Protester Near Biden Motorcade

A woman in Los Angeles was tackled by the Secret Service on Wednesday after she approached President Biden’s motorcade in protest.

As Biden traveled through downtown L.A. for the ninth Summit of the Americas, the protester moved onto a blocked-off street with a bullhorn.

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She was shouting about women’s rights, according to CBS Los Angeles, and was quickly tackled in front of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The woman resisted arrest, ripping off the tackling officer’s hat and glasses, and yelled “get the f**k off me!”

She then shouted “An abortion ban will not stop abortions, only safe ones”.

“Shortly after 5 p.m., an adult female entered a restricted roadway along a motorcade route on Chick Hearn Ct in Los Angeles,” said Anthony Guglielmi, chief of communications for the U.S. Secret Service, in a statement.

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“As the woman approached passing vehicles, a United States Secret Service agent swiftly removed her from the roadway and placed her into custody. There was no impact to the motorcade movement or our protectees. Our investigation into this incident is ongoing,” it read.

While Biden has voiced his support of a woman’s right to choose, the U.S. Supreme Court is looking at potentially overturning Roe v. Wade.

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According to local reports, other protesters were demonstrating against Biden not inviting leaders from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to the summit.

Press secretary Karine Jean Pierre defended the administration’s decision, saying “We do not believe dictators should be invited”.


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