LeBron Ridicules Rittenhouse After Breaking Down On The Stand

It is a true shame when celebrities use their platform to speak out on issues that they have no knowledge of. 

During Wednesday’s trial, Kyle Rittenhouse broke down on the stand appearing to sob and hyperventilate. Judge Bruce Schroeder queued a recess and the court went on break. 

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It’s a possibility that Rittenhouse has developed a form of post traumatic stress disorder after being forced into a position where he had to kill others to preserve his own life. 

LeBron James tweeted out. “What tears????? I didn’t see one. Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court.” 

LeBron’s words work to further crucify the 18 year old on trial for a double homicide despite all video evidence pointing to the fact that he was being chased and assaulted by brutal attackers. 

James has major influence over his fans, and over the last several years has abused his platform to spread misinformation and incite hate towards undeserving individuals.

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The left has also taken to creating memes that imply the face Rittenhouse made on stage will mirror the face he makes the first time that he’s sexually assaulted in prison. 

These are the people who are constantly concerned with accusing others of sexual assault, but then weaponize it and wish it upon individuals that they have arbitrarily decided are guilty of a crime against their ideology. 

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