Candace Owens Wants to Run for President!

Cofounder of the Blexit movement, author of Blackout, and conservative commentator, Candace Owens, tweeted on Saturday that she is considering running for president.

It still isn’t clear if Owens if intends to run in the 2024 presidential race or not. The only clue for this timeframe was given on November 12, 2020, when Owens retweeted a response to Devon Alexander.

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Alexander’s tweet was mentioned a jab at Owens for supporting former President Trump. In the tweet, she said, “2024 is a long way off… Maybe I’ll run as his successor.”

On Sunday, Owens dropped another hint of her intent as she again responded to another hater on Twitter.

User, @Demosth01429191 said, “Today’s GOP is fundamentally an authoritarian white nationalist party. Candace Owen would NEVER be their nominee.”

Owens response, “This won’t age well”.

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@Demosth01429191 was responding to Heath Mayo’s tweet on Owens’ chance of becoming the Republican nominee if she ran.


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