Monkey Pox: Cases Are Few and Far Between

You’ve heard of monkeypox, the CDC has released guidance on how to prevent contraction and many believe that the disease will be the next COVID-19. 

The left-wing media tells us that nearly half of the United States has reported cases – what they fail to mention is that of the 300 million people living in America, there have only been 113 total cases. 

The majority of cases are reported in states with cities that have incredibly dense populations like Florida, New York, California, and Illinois. 

New Jersey has also experienced its first case, while Missouri has one case that they haven’t fully identified yet. Currently, it is described as a “probable” case. 

As it stands, most states have cases in the single digits. The pathogen is not spreading like wildfire, nor will it be a pandemic-bearing virus. It seems as though the name “monkeypox” is just being used to scare the masses and keep them obedient. 

Fox News reported The World Health Organization (WHO) is convening an emergency meeting this week to determine whether the outbreak should be considered a global health emergency. 

35 countries have experienced small outbreaks, but the disease is not considered an epidemic in those locations, nor has the case rate exceeded 2,500.